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Glossary N

Net asset value (NAV)

The value of fund's portfolio at market value less current liabilities divided by the number of units outstanding. Net asset value is normally computed daily or weekly and can be found in the financial section of the daily newspaper. This is calculated as total assets minus all expenses and divided by the number of outstanding units. This is the main performance indicator for a mutual fund, especially when viewed in terms of appreciation over time.

Nifty 50

An index of prices of a group of fifty stocks listed on the NSE.

No-Load Mutual Fund / No-Load Scheme

It refers to the fund that does not charge any load for buying or selling its units. Shares of an open-ended fund, which can be bought directly from the fund without any sales charge or brokerage. US-64 is an example of a no-load fund.


The person(s) to whom the assets should be distributed upon the death of the account holder.

Non Performing Investments

Part of the portfolio investment of a debt fund which is not making interest payment or principal amount repayments in time.