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Glossary O

Offer Document

It is the official document issued by mutual funds prior to the launch of a fund describing the characteristics of the proposed fund to all its prospective investors. It contains information required by SEBI pertaining to issues such as investment objective and policies, services, and fees.

Offering Period

The period during which the initial offer to subscribe for the units of a scheme is open.

Offer Price

The price at which units can be bought from a fund.

Offshore Funds

The funds set up abroad to channelise foreign investments in the Indian capital markets. It is not subject to the tax laws of the holder's country.

Open-End Scheme

Scheme of a mutual fund where purchase or sale of units is allowed on a continued basis.

Opening NAV

The NAV disclosed by the fund for the first time after the closure of an NFO.

Opportunity Risk

The risk that a better opportunity may present itself after you have already committed your money elsewhere.